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Sexy Teens in Thongs, Topless Teasing

fit-teen-posing-in-thongToday’s treat features two teen hotties sporting some sexy thongs. They’re both incredibly sexy, and I can’t believe how fat the first chick’s ass is. Especially for her frame, my god, it makes you want to just grab hold of it or spank it. Pink is a good color for her, and judging by the tan lines maybe she doesn’t wear sexy thongs all that often. So who knows what occasion called for this impromptu sexy pic taking session? Whoever got them originally must be a very lucky guy. Imagine spreading those cheeks from behind. The unveiling of that tight, plump teen ass is almost enough to make me cry.

 Amateur Teen Ladies in Hot Thongs

The second bitch is FINE. I mean, what a smoking hot frame on this beauty. Despite her stupid nearly duck face look, she is one sexy lady. Interesting thong design, too. Doesn’t look as good on her as it will on the floor, but still, we appreciate the little things… the extra effort taken, the decoration. She seems like she takes care of herself, hair straightened, makeup on. Wish I was there when she slid that thong slowly down her thighs and eventually flung it off to the side. It would be a special treat to get between those thighs. Maybe have her ride the dick reverse cowgirl, reaching around and grabbing those tight-looking titties. Or, with such a pretty face, maybe do some making out while on top of her. Anyway, something to think about while you fap. Teen thongs are a special treat, especially when they’re worn on bodies like these.


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