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Well, in light of the upcoming holiday, and the fact that I haven’t updated in a while, today I’m going to dump a TON of before and after nudes — sometimes called “dressed and undressed”. Comment on your favorite!

There is a variety of sexy ladies in today’s post, ranging from tight bodied teens to hot tanned MILFs. The contrast of seeing these women the way you would, out on the street, clothed, versus being totally naked and exposed in the side-by-side shot, really does something for the erotic imagination. Just being able to picture these hot amateurs without their clothes on next to their daily routine pics is pretty stunning. I tried to provide you with a range of shots including big tits, small tits, slim and chubby amateurs, and different ages. There are even hot naked blonde twins dressed and undressed.

I wonder if part of it is voyeuristic appeal, the idea that you’re looking at something forbidden. It’s sort of naughty because essentially you are checking out amateurs exposed–college girls and soccer moms alike–naked, just the way you like them. But the thought that someone had to gather these pics of their sweetie dressed (easy enough) and then an undressed photo revealing their nude body (difficult) and mash them up together is incredible. I’m not sure who originally came up with the before and after nude trend, but it sure is interesting to look at, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

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  1. Kyle Adams says:

    Thanks for getting a picture of my wife Nicole in your set. We are BIG fans of the Before and After nude shots and have lots of fun ones to share with the web community. Thanks again for getting her in. Kyle & Nicole

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