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One of my favorite trends as of late has been the increasing popularity of before and after nude pics. These photos in their simplest form are a comparison with two photos side by side of a gorgeous amateur chick. On the left side is the clothed version, and the right side has her sitting perfectly naked for our viewing pleasure. At first, and in certain photo series, it seems kind of sterile. But after you look at a few before and after nudes, you will probably start to gain an appreciation for them like I have. There is just something compelling there that warrants your attention, especially when you get to see hot amateurs naked in contrast to their “street clothes” look.

Amateur Girls Sweet and Naughty

sweetheart teen clothed and unclothedOne of the hottest elements of any naked amateur pic is the fact that at some point, these women had to strip down naked and get photographed. Whether it’s self-shot, or maybe an old boyfriend took them, they had naughtiness in mind. Often times, I find that in the before and after nude pics that I’ve seen, the girls look so sweet on the left side. However, like any of us, they are clearly horny. No matter the reason, they’ve stripped down, and on the other side you can see their naughty nature coming out to play. And there is nothing we like better here at Amateur Fap Land.

The Nude Contrast

The nude contrast in before and after photos is one that is striking. Seeing girls instantly go from being regular, girl next door types to ravenous cock-hungry bitches is enthralling—and absolutely fap worthy. So kick back, enjoy some of these naked before and after pictures, and have a nice round.

clothed and unclothed blonde hottie

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